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Net Positive Hospitality and the Importance of the 'S' in ESG

CEO, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance
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Glenn Mandziuk's article emphasizes the critical role of social responsibility in the hospitality industry, underlining the 'S' in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). He argues for a holistic approach to sustainability that balances environmental concerns with the well-being of employees and communities. The article highlights the need for fair working conditions, human rights, and combating social issues like human trafficking. It introduces the Net Positive Pathway and the Net Positive Hospitality Academy to guide and educate the industry on these issues. Mandziuk stresses the interconnection of environmental and social responsibilities, advocating for a sustainable and ethically conscious hospitality sector.

When we talk about Net Positive Hospitality, we often focus on the environmental aspects such as water conservation, sustainable building, and waste recycling. However, we must not forget the importance of the 'S' in ESG - the social responsibility that the industry holds towards its employees and the wider communities in which it operates.

The travel and tourism industry, including hospitality, supports millions of workers worldwide. It is our responsibility to ensure that their human rights are respected, and fair working conditions are provided. Additionally, we must address social issues like forced labor, human trafficking, and modern slavery.

To give social responsibility equal importance to environmental sustainability, we need a framework that guides our actions. Our recently unveiled five-year strategy takes a holistic approach, inspiring the industry to positively impact the environment, communities, and the economy. It outlines shared visions and actions through our Net Positive Pathway, which aligns with sustainability standards and facilitates tangible progress.

The Net Positive Hospitality Academy plays a crucial role in driving transformative change within the industry. It equips the sector with knowledge, tools, and training programs to accelerate sustainability. The Academy aims to promote gender equality, combat human trafficking, and address other important social issues.

By revolutionizing how we recruit talent, plan and construct hotels, and establish supply chains, it can bring real impact to our industry.

We must recognize the deep connection between environmental and social responsibility. They are not disconnected, but rather intertwined. Our new learning tool, the Net Positive Hospitality Business Simulator, highlights this connection and allows hotels to test different solutions and strategic decisions. By balancing decisions related to renewable energy and fair pay, users can see the outcomes and make informed choices.

Collaboration is key to progress. Through knowledge sharing and bringing the industry together, we can foster new technologies and innovations that benefit everyone. As we look towards 2024, there is a growing focus on the social side of sustainability. Our recent summit addressed social injustices and emphasized the need for equality and social responsibility. We heard from experts on combating human trafficking and understood the power and influence our industry holds.

In the future, hotel organizations must closely examine their supply chains and how they treat their workforce. Social responsibility should not be a mere checkbox exercise but a genuine commitment to ensuring the safety, equality, and well-being of employees while supporting the wider communities.

Net Positive Hospitality emphasizes the importance of protecting and uplifting communities at destinations. As the industry continues to grow, let us strive for sustainable growth that benefits communities worldwide. By acting responsibly, we can create a future where hospitality truly gives back more than it takes.