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Unlocking Sustainability: room2 Hometel's Whole Life Carbon Commitment

Sustainability Manager, Lamington Group
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As the hotel industry confronts the critical climate crisis, sustainability has shifted from a mere buzzword to an indispensable element in business operations. At the forefront of this shift is UK-based room2 Hometel, embodying a deep commitment to whole-life carbon responsibility. This commitment goes beyond routine operations, extending to every aspect of Room2 property lifecycles and embedding itself in its foundational ethos. Room2's strategy is rooted in comprehensive ESG principles, drawing inspiration from the One Planet Living framework and aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

In a world grappling with the pressing climate crisis, sustainability has transcended buzzwords to become an absolute necessity within the hotel industry. room2 Hometel's commitment to whole-life carbon responsibility embodies this urgency, steering us towards a future that is both eco-friendly and financially robust.

Within today's hotel industry landscape, carbon responsibility isn't just advisable; it's a fundamental imperative. This responsibility extends beyond our daily operations to encompass the entirety of our properties' life cycle.

At the core of room2 Hometel's approach lies a holistic strategy that encompasses all aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles. This comprehensive approach revolves around the principles of One Planet Living, a framework aligned with the UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). We have integrated these principles into our operations, guiding us towards sustainable choices in environmental preservation, social responsibility, and transparent governance.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop at the building's foundation. We have prioritised waste reduction, comprehensive recycling initiatives, and responsible sourcing for our food and beverage offerings. All of these factors contribute to creating a responsible and eco-conscious experience for our guests.

Modern consumers are increasingly making environmentally conscious choices. As such, our unwavering commitment to carbon responsibility is not only ethically sound but also exceptionally advantageous in terms of increased occupancy rates and revenue.

Beyond ethical considerations, adopting a carbon-responsible approach is undeniably profitable. It not only streamlines operational costs but also significantly enhances brand value, contributing to long-term financial stability.

room2 Hometel is driven by three steadfast net-zero commitments:

  1. 46% Reduction in Scope 1 and 2 Emissions: Annually, we dedicate ourselves to a rigorous process of strategising on reducing our Scope 1 and 2. Scope 1 are the emissions you produce directly, like from your car's tailpipe or gas boiler. Scope 2 are the emissions from the energy you use, like electricity. This involves meticulous calculation, active reduction measures, like switching gas boilers to heat pumps running on 100% renewable electricity, and then offsetting of emissions that are unavoidable.
  2. Tracking and Minimising Scope 3 Emissions: We are acutely aware of the importance of addressing emissions that extend beyond our direct operations. As such, we consistently track and strive to minimise Scope 3 emissions.
  3. Development and Operation of Whole Life Net Zero Hotels: Our ultimate aspiration is to design and operate hotels that are net-zero throughout their entire life cycle, embodied carbon and operational carbon. This means that every facet of our properties will be designed with net zero carbon in mind.

Net Zero Embodied Carbon:

room2 Hometel is dedicated to addressing all carbon emissions associated with our properties, from the raw materials' extraction to construction, transportation, refurbishment, deconstruction, and disposal at end-of-life. Our objective is to ensure that these emissions are measured during the design, reduced and rebalanced to zero. This is achieved through a combination of highly efficient design, applying circularity principles, offsetting and the net export of on-site renewable energy. By adopting this approach, we not only minimise our carbon footprint but also actively contribute to carbon neutrality in the entire life cycle of our hotels.

Net Zero Operational Carbon:

Our commitment extends beyond reducing embodied carbon emissions; we are equally dedicated to addressing operational carbon emissions associated with our buildings on an annual basis. To achieve this, we employ strategies such as highly efficient building fabric, cutting edge equipment and technologies, demand reduction, advanced monitoring, behavioral change, on-site and off-site renewable energy sources, and the offsetting of any unavoidable emissions. By meticulously managing operational carbon, we ensure that the environmental impact of our properties is minimised throughout their operational life.

room2 Hometel's resolute journey towards carbon responsibility mirrors the evolving landscape of the hotel industry. Our commitment is not just a moral imperative but a strategic one, as it aligns environmental stewardship with financial viability. As we progress forward, our whole-life carbon commitment, complemented by these three unwavering net-zero commitments, promises a future that is not only more sustainable but also more financially prosperous.