The business intelligence boom

By Bonnie Buckhiester, President at Buckhiester Management Limited | 12 Oct 14

In this highly thought-provoking piece, originally published in the HITEC 2014 Special Report, Bonnie Buckhiester of Buckhiester Management, Ltd., explains the need to move away from the conventional concepts of marketing, sales and revenue management, and to think instead in terms of demand creation, demand capture and demand management. For each of these disciplines, she writes, there are more and more business intelligence data sets that must be taken into account to interpret the demand continuum.

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Buckhiester Management Limited provides customized training that includes classroom style seminars, interactive workshops, revenue team development sessions, one-on-one instruction for revenue managers, and assessment of current revenue management practices. The combination of these teaching methodologies has proven to be extremely successful in strengthening a hotel's Revenue Management Program.
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