Foresight and innovation in
the global hotel industry

The Hotel Yearbook 2015

The Hotel Yearbook 2015 – Technology marked the 2nd edition of the HOTEL Yearbook special coverage on TECHNOLOGY. The eBook boasted 25+ articles written around all aspects in technology. "Since its inception in 2007, the editorial concept of The Hotel Yearbook has been to bring together senior hotel industry executives and recognized experts and thought leaders from every part of the industry to write about foresight and innovation in the global hotel business," said Woody Wade, publisher. "The aspect of the business that this Special edition focuses on, technology, is especially dynamic – and will have a huge impact on profitability, competitiveness, efficiency, and guest experience." Rapidly evolving technological innovations are reshaping every aspect of the hotel industry, from automating processes to communicating with guests via mobile apps. The new publication covers these and many other topics.
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